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Carbin Reef

Carbin Reef or Sagay Marine Reserve are islets which are surrounded by corals a 32,000 hectares of Sagay’s territorial waters and were declared Protected Seascape under the National Integrated Protected Area System.


The reef has 60 genera of hard, black and soft corals, and five species of giant clams, some as wide as one meter. You will see more than 250 species of reef and pelagic fishes, four species of marine turtles, five species of the endangered dugong (a large marine mammal which, together with the manatees, is one of four living species of the order Sirenia) among the ten species of sea grass and 78 species of Macro Benthic Algae covering 3,000 hectare


In 1997, the reserve was given the Galing Pook Awards for Top Ten Innovative Programs on Marine Conservation and Protection.


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