Local Philippines Events
1st week of April | Puerto Princesa  A summer extravaganza celebrated at the bay walk area, along the shores of beautiful Puerto Princesa Bay. A whole range of activities kicks off with a parade and an impressive fireworks display. Daily coastal clean-ups reward participants with recreational sports activities to enjoy. A street dance exhibition, cheer dance and summer danzslam competitions are in the line-up of fun-filled activities. Singing contests, beach and swim wear modeling competitions, and concerts cap the exuberant celebrations.  Source: Palawan Government 

May 10-13| Capalonga, Camarines Norte, Philippines Higlighted by a street dancing and agro industrial fair, this festival expresses the gratitude of  local  folks' for abundance signified by the rooster.  It is also held in celebration of their Black Nazarene's Feast Day on May 13.Source:Wowbicol.com

To be announced | Venue Olongapo City (Brgy. Barreto) The name Sibit-Sibit was derived from the name of small paddle-driven bancas used for fishing during the early days when Brgy. Barreto was yet called Sitio Maquinaya. During fiestas, fisherfolk hold banca race using pure human strength to win the competition. Today, the festival competition includes motorized banca race and sail boat competition to add fun and excitement to the activity. In the summer of 1996, the idea came to mind when then barangay Kagawad Carlito A. Baloy set sail to stage the 1st Sibit-Sibit Festival at Driftwood Beach. It was held yearly but later was shelved for various reasons. The event was revived by the city Government under the leadership of Mayor James J. Gordon Jr. in 2006.  Source:Visitmyphilippines.com

Fullmoon of April |Kamarikutan Kape at Galeri, Puerto Princesa City  The Pagdiwata Arts Festival features varied week-long workshops in the different arts, painting in different media, sculpture, music, dance and film. Art exhibits, art forums, and film showing fill the afternoon, with stage performances and concerts in the evenings. The festival takes inspiration from the Tagbanua's Pagdiwata ritual of the thanksgiving - a thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest of creativity. It is hosted by Kamarikutan Kape Galeri as a way of sharing the sublimity of the arts with the community.  Source: Palawan Government

April 3rd week | Palawan A celebration of the bounties of the seas, this gastronomic festival offers a taste of seafood specialties Palawan is known for. Puerto Princesa restaurants prepare a mixture of authentic Palawan seafood cuisine and delicacies, as well as other contemporary seafood-filled culinary delights in the region. The food fest is enjoyed with cultural shows and bundles of give aways.  Source: Palawan Government

Holy Week / Lenten Season | Macalelon, Quezon, Philippines  It is celebrated during Holy Week or Lenten Season. On this occasion, participating barangays construct "Kubol" (miniature church) to house the Fourteen (14) Stations of the Cross along the municipal streets of Macalelon. It is made of indigenous materials such as bamboo, nipa, coconut log, rattan etc. and are artificially designed by the towns people. "Kubols" are built where devotees gather to recite the traditional "Pasyon" (Passion of Christ). After the week long ritual "salubong" are performed at dawn of Sunday or "Pasko ng Pagkabuhay". These activities show how deeply religious the residents of the municipality are.   Source:Tourism.qzn.ph

No Specific date | San Francisco, Quezon, Philippines  To commemorate the celebration of farm family day to give due to recognition to the achievements in the field of agri and fisheries and also serve as show window to the various agricultural and fishery products and byproducts produced in the municipality.  Source:Tourism.qzn.ph

April | Anda, Pangasinan, Philippines.   From the coastal town of Anda, binongey cooking dates back during the “dappat” period in Anda. This was the time when people from the Ilocos came to this side of the country to look for a place rich in resources where they can freely acquire land. Since they cannot locate bolos where they would cook their traditional “tinubong”, they used the available bamboo and coconut abundant in the town.  The outcome was the delectable “binongey” which became part of Andanean’s fiestas and other special occasions and gatherings. Binongey is made of sticky rice cooked with coconut milk and placed inside a bamboo and cooked in a low fire. Binongey Festival was launched in April 2004 under then Mayor now Board Member Alicia Pulido. Today, it has become part of the town’s fiesta celebration.   Source:Businessblog.prepys.com

April | Pangasinan, Philippines.  Under Mayor Julian Resuello’s administration, Mango and Bamboo Festival was launched in April 2001 wherein both major products of the city are showcased. The plump, juicy and sweet carabao mangoes and the unique and artistic handicrafts made of bamboo take center stage in this celebration. Street dancers in their most pompous revelry and festive mood and colorful costumes gathered and joined in the celebration. Source:Businessblog.prepys.com   

Lenten Season | Alaminos City, Pangasinan, Philippines.  The re-enacting the Savior’s death together with a solemn parade. Source:1stphilippines.com