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Punta Blanco Target Range

Punta Blanco Target Range is located in San Roque, Buenavista, Guimaras.


This military facility was constructed during the American regime, under the leadership of Gen. Douglas MacArthur. It covers 4000-square meter of land with three trails: one in Tinadtaran, in Nazaret and in the Supang located in Camp Jossman.


The construction of Punta Blanco started in 1909 by the 29th Infantry Regiment of the US Army. They used it to hone their firing skills during their free time. In fact, it was the favorite practicing area of General Douglas Mac Arthur from 1903 to 1904.


Today, the area is considered as a historical site in the Municipality of Buenavista. Its facades and remains will forever be a part of the legacy that was left by its history which will be passed on to the next generations.




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