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The Legendary Siete

ILCO Train No. 7 is fondly called by many as ‘siete’. Siete’ is a 3 feet, 6 inches gauge 4-cylinder compound o-6-6-o mallet that was built in 1925 by Locomotive Baldwin Works in Philadelphia, U.S.A. Her body is ornated with green livery lined in red, her eight-wheel bogie tender was done in black with bold letters paid ‘INSULAR LUMBER CO.’

During her hiatus with ILCO, she hauls thirty-two cars weighing 30 tons with boiler pressure of 280 lbs per square inch and was acclaimed to be the most powerful steam engine in Negros Island.


After decades of service, the Siete rested in the junkyard of the central’s compound and then on for 20 long, silent years. Knowing the significance of Siete to the people of Sagay, particularly to the Fabricañans, Edgar and Sonia Sarrosa purchased the legendary steam locomotive.


For their love and affection to Sagay and so that the memories of siete will be perpetually relived, Edgar and Sonia Sarrosa and children, donated the locomotive to the city government in 1997.


The Siete now stands majestically at the city public plaza, attracting every tourist and passersby.


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