Tiwi - Albay Destinations


It is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Albay, Philippines.

According to the 2007 NSO Census of Population, it has a population of 49,185 people in 8,036 households.


Originally named Tigbi by the Spanish religious community in 1658, the gem of a town was once a barrio of Malinao, Albay, before it became formally organized as a town in 1696. The name, Tigbi, was derived from the name of a plant, a gabi look-alike, which grew abundantly in the area. However, this name was later changed to Tivi, and then finally, to its present name, Tiwi. The Historical Commission of the National Library described Tiwi, in its early stages a town with a gobernadorcillo and a secular parish priest under the Diocese of Nueva Caceres.


Its main visitor attraction are the hot springs. However the popularity of these has diminished in recent years due to the nearby construction of a geothermal power plant.