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Zamboanguita is a municipality in the province of Negros Oriental, Philippines. According to the 2000 census, it has a population of 23,338 people.

Zamboanguita is a 4th class municipality in the province of Negros Oriental. Founded in 1866 and considered as one of the smallest towns in the province, it is located 15.8 kilometers from Dumaguete City. The town’s name was said to have been derived from coguita, the local name for “octopus,” while others say it was derived from the Spanish word “little Zamboanga,” located just across the sea. Zamboangita has a number of resorts and wildlife attractions that offer tourists a memorable stay in the municipality.

The town is known for the Thalatta Resort, a place created in 2007 by a Filipino-French sea lover. Nestled in a very satisfying and relaxing paradise built in a tropical garden, the resort provides 12 deluxe rooms with amenities such as outside bar, deep sea water swimming pool, motorbike rental, spa services, free wireless internet connection, cell phone/mobile rental, parking free, room service and laundry service, mountain and jungle adventures, airport and pier transportation, and currency exchange. The Thalatta resort also has a restaurant offering both International and Filipino dishes humbly prepared for all. It has a dive shop that offers trips to Apo Island and all the sanctuaries around the resort.

In Brgy. Dumandan, 200 yards from the beach is Mina's Oceanarium, a veritable marine garden for snorkeling and swimming. In this area are water tanks with white sea turtles and other marine creatures.

The Salawaki Beach Resort, located about 2 kilometers southwest of the town, has six non-air-con cottages with bath, a restaurant, a dive shop and offers laundry, mailing and shuttle service.

Paradise Zoo, in Brgy. Salngan I, is located amidst tall Ipil-ipil lined walks near the Salawaki Beach Resort. It is a wildlife sanctuary and botanical garden maintained by the World Peace & Life Survival organization of Fr. Eleuterio Tropa called Lamplighter or Spaceship 2000.

Another notable destination, the Veranda of the World, in Brgy. Salngan II, is a picnic and camping ground with mini rice terraces facing Mt. Talinis.

A historic attraction in Zamboanguita, the Zamboanguita Church is made of cobblestones. The church's frontal structures exposes its material: round stones stocked piled to form its walls.





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