Abra River - Abra Attractions

Abra River

Abra River is located in Abra, Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), Philippines.


The river is the biggest, longest and most popular river among the numerous rivers criss-crossing the valleys of the province. It is where all rivers and streams converge together.


In terms of watershed size, the Abra River is the 6th largest river system in the country.  For the unitiated, this revier is safe and ideal place for swimming and fishing.


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Events Related to Abra River

Arya Abra
Sinagingan Festival

Attractions Related to Abra River

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Don Mariano Marcos Bridge
Hill 120
Limbo Lake
Lusuac Dam
Luswak Pinarubia
Mahangin Falls
Malinta Tunnel
Melco Beach
Oyas ni Igat
Sibud-Sibud Cave
Suhot Cave
Tangadan Tunnel
Tugot ni Angalo (Footprints of Angalo)