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Obando Fertility Rites

May 17 | Bulacan, Philippines.
The lively song holds significant meanings to the childless mothers who, in their desire to share the fulfillment and happiness of motherhood, make the pilgrimage to Obando.

Obando is a small town in Bulacan, on the banks of Angat River. On May 17, 18, and 19, a fiesta is celebrated in this town in honor of its three patron saints: Santa Clara, the patron saint of the childless; San Pascual Baylon, a humble 16th century s hepherd who danced his prayers and became a model of religious virtue; and Lady of Salambao, who got her name because the image of the Immaculate Conception was fished out by a fisherman, with the use of a salambao net.

What makes the Obando fiesta unique among Philippine festivals is the dance performed in the streets by the childless women. With both their hands in the air, they swing and sway wildly to the Santa Clara melody.



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