Malapascua Shipwrecks - Cebu Province Attractions

Malapascua Shipwrecks

Malapascua is home to Cebu's pristine white sand beaches. Malapascua is also popular among diving enthusiasts for its  dive sites.


Malapascua's shipwrecks are quite far away that dive operators only go if there are enough divers interested. Among the shipwrecks are: Pioneer, Doña Marilyn, and Tapilon shipwreck.



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Events Related to Malapascua Shipwrecks

Kabuhian Festival

Attractions Related to Malapascua Shipwrecks

Bounty Beach
Calanggaman Island
Caohagan Island
Chapel of the Last Supper
Dona Marilyn Shipwreck
Gato Cave
Gato Island
Lighthouse Reef
Sumilon Island
Tapilon Wreck
The Pioneer Shipwreck