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Pescador Island

Pescador Island Marine Park is a shallow reef that shelters lively dancing gorgonians, fan corals and sharks such as whitetip and hammerheads. These are stunning sights that famed Moalboal to divers from around the world.


Pescador Island is not just famous for its sharks, but more so because of its beautiful, largely untouched marine life.

The small island with rocky cliffs is fringed by a shallow plateau covered with corals, 3m-15m wide and then spectacular drop-offs plunge away to enormous depths. Between the mainland of Moalboal and Pescador Island the seafloor drops to about 300m (1,000 feet). Out of this depth the island rises up, with a mass of caverns and overhangs. The most dramatic cavern is the majestic Pescador Cathedral, a large underwater grotto reached by a 15m wide funnel and descending to 38m.


As a little town by the west coast of Cebu Island, Moalboal can be easily reached by either renting a bike or taking a bus or jeepney from the center of Cebu.






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