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Aloguinsan is a municipality in Cebu Province.

Aloguinsan is a 4th class municipality in the province of Cebu. It was formerly a barrio of Pinamungajan. Aloguinsan was created a town by virtue of the Royal Decree of the King of Spain in 1886. Considered a fishing village, the town is said to be named after the “kinsan,” a kind of fish usually abundant during the months of May to July. It is from this fish that the town named its newly formed festival, the Kinsan Festival, happening every second Sunday of June.

Aloguinsan is a paradise for eco-tourists, from bird watching while kayaking along the mangroves of the mystical Bojo River, to snorkeling and diving in the breathtaking corals of Kantabogon Legendary. The Bojo River empties into the Tañon Strait, known for its rich marine life. A well-equipped motorized boat takes travelers to enjoy dolphins and occasional sightings of whale sharks. Along the town’s coast is the hidden white sand beach of Kantabogon which offers great ambiance and superb food. They also have areas fit for rappelling and snorkeling. Another diving site in Aloguinsan is located at Tap-anan Beach where divers can discover numerous underwater flora and fauna.



Baluarte Park, a small hill located at the back of the municipal hall, is a historical marker. The forested hill shows ruins of a watchtower that overlooks the Tañon Strait. This watchtower, the “Bantayan,” sits majestically on Baluarte Park – a reminder of the days when marauding Moro pirates attacked and pillaged coastal villages, before the coming of the Spanish colonizers.

Other must-see destinations in Aloguinsan are the Ulbohan Underground River in Sitio Ulbohan, the Nahulgag Pinuti Lagoon, and the Sayaw Cascade.



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