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Bogo City

Bogo is named after a spot that became a rendezvous for traders and merchants as well as for nature lovers who found comfort under the cool shade of the tree made more poignant by the balmy air wafted by the ocean breeze.

Bogo City is a 4th class city situated in the northeastern coast of the province of Cebu and is about 100 kilometers from Cebu City. It was named after a tree that abounds in the locality and have been part of the town's trading culture before the turn of the 19th century. The people were highly engaged in fishing, agriculture and commerce and trading is done at the shade of these Bogo trees.

Established as a parish on May 31, 1850, Bogo’s patron was San Vicente Ferrer. Its old church, located near the town plaza, was described as having walls of tabique pampango, posts of wood, and a roof of thatch cogon. The current church of Bogo was built in the post-war era. Bogo City celebrates its annual town fiesta every fourth Sunday of May in honor of its patron saint San Vicente Ferrer.

A popular spot because of its religious significance is the Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal in La Paz, Bogo City. The shrine is situated on top of a hill and one must climb more than a hundred steps of its stairway to reach the giant statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Just a few minutes from Bogo City proper is Marangog, a beautiful ocean community boasting of its scenic rock formations, pristine beaches and crystal-clear water rich in marine life. It is the site of a 6-hectare residential subdivision, the Marangog Cove Resort and Residences. Located right across Marangog, by the sea, is the breathtaking Island of Capitancillo. This island is a favorite destination for island hopping, snorkeling and scuba diving.




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