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Borbon is a municipality in Cebu Province.

Borbon is a 4th class municipality situated in the northeastern coast of the island of Cebu and is about 83 kilometers from Cebu City. Borbon evolved from a small settlement founded by a man named as Silomogue and was established in 1692. Popular sites in Borbon include the Nonoc Cave, Silmogue River, and the San Sebastian Church.

Located in the hills of Barangay Cadaruhan, Nonoc Cave is an explorer's delight. This place is not only ideal for spelunking but it also provides a scenic view of nature and is perfect for having a family picnic where the air is fresh. Nonoc Cave is also known to be a hiding place of the Japanese soldiers during the Second World War.

Borbon's church, the San Sebastian de Martyr Parish, is described as “made of wood and tabique resting on a base of mortar.” The original church mentioned here is believed to be one of the oldest churches in Cebu prior to its burning during World War II. Today, the San Sebastian Church is made of concrete with a colorful repainted facade. Its interior is painted white and massive and colorful arch windows on both sides of the altar radiate points of light. Across the street from the church, located at what used to be the San Sebastian wall that overlooks the ocean, is a colorful grotto of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Silmogi Festival is celebrated by the people of Borbon every 20th of January. “Silmogi” is an old name of the town. The festival is in honor of its patron saint, San Sebastian, for the bountiful harvest of corn and sugar cane which are the main products of Borbon. The street dancing presentation is one of the highlights of the festival and is participated by the different barangays of the municipality.



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Attractions at Borbon

Nonoc Cave
San Sebastian Martyr Church