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Camotes Island

Camotes one of the tourist attractions in the Philippines in terms of diving sites. Experience an awesome adventure as you dive at Tulang Diyot, Esperanza, San Francisco, Cebu and take a look with the amazing underwater view called "The Wall."

The Philippines is composed of 7, 107 Islands, 4 of this 7, 107 Islands form the Camotes Islands. It is situated in Northeast Visayas, in the Philippines. Camotes Islands is made up of three main sub-islands and divided into four municipalities. The other island is the Tulang Diyot, part of Brgy. Esperanza, which is a part of San Francisco.


The highest point of the island is 386 m above sea level. The island is approximately 562 km Southeast of Manila, 62 km northeast of Cebu and 25 km west of Ormoc.


Camotes is composed of four municipalities:


Municipality of Poro – already known as Poro

Municipality of Tudela – already known as Tudela

Municipality of San Francisco – Known as Pacijan

Municipality of Pilar – Known as Ponson


Poro and San Francisco are connected by approximately 1.5 km causeway. Pilar is separated by the Camotes Sea, lying about four kilometers northeast of Poro. The main livelihood of the people are farming and fishing.


The dialect spoken is Cebuano except Poro, they speak Camotes Visayan called Porohanon. Example: Maayong Gabie (Good Evening) it would be change to Maazong Gabie in Porohanon.
Porohanon is distinguished by the way the locals substitute the /y/ sound for /z/.

According to 2007 Census, Camotes Islands has a total population of 89, 324 people.



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