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Carmen (Cebu Province)

An oasis 42 kilometers from Cebu City, Carmen has something special for nature lovers. From the grand Mangitngit Falls to the enchanting Titip and Kabyawan Caves, tourists will sure enjoy the unique beauty of Carmen, Cebu.

The quiet, unassuming town of Carmen lies in the Northeastern coast of Cebu, some 42 kilometers from the province capital, Cebu City. It is a third class municipality, rich in history and a virgin nature protected by time and its people.

Carmen is mostly known for its sinamay industry. Sinamay comes from abaca hemp and it can be weaved into intricately designed bags, furniture, gifts, house wares, toys, fashion accessories and footwear, among others. Carmen’s sinamay products reflect the country’s culture being one of the most kept and oldest traditional arts which makes the town the sinamay capital of Cebu province.

Carmen has also continually entranced its tourists with the roaring, carefree water of its Mangitngit falls. This natural wonder has always been loved for its soothing effect in refreshing suntanned guests with its waters, after a hike from the barrio's main road.

The town is also proud of its many caves. Carmen’s Titip Cave shows off crystal clear water of a subterranean pool and stalactites and stalagmites that speak of its age and grandeur. The Kabyawan Cave, named after the “kabyaws” (fruit bats) that live inside it, is also another popular tourist destination.

The town’s local government has a strong advocacy protecting the environment. Among its treasures are the Mangrove Pocket Forest, Villamor Tree Farm, turtle habitat at Cantumog River, a monkey sanctuary with an estimated 200 monkeys at Magtakup Cliffs, and Batong Diyut Fish Sanctuary, a 20-hectare marine protected area with sunken Japanese warships and colorful marine life.



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