Casiguran - Aurora Destinations


It is a municipality in the northern part of the province of Aurora, Philippines. It is located 121 km from Baler, the provincial capital.
Casiguran is part of the municipalities that comprises Aurora. It is a municipality with over 22,000 people.

Among the northern municipalities of Aurora, Casiguran is the most developed town. It has a public medical center and a private landing field.

Travelers can get to Casiguran through a private vehicle. They can rent a private vehicle preferably with a driver, and take the Dicadi highway.

On the other hand, Casiguran also offers loads of places of interest. In fact, it is perfect place for water sports and other water-related sports activities.

Casiguran Sound is the best site for surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and among others. There's also a white-sand beach with a pristine scenery in Motyong, which was the site of a small airport.