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Compostela is a municipality in Cebu Province.

Compostela is a 4th class municipality situated in the northeastern coast of the province of Cebu and is about 25 kilometers from Cebu City. It is a part of a metropolitan area informally known as Metro Cebu. Compostela is not to be confused with Compostela Valley Province located in Mindanao.

The coastal town of Compostela, with its 4.6 kilometers of sandy beaches, has its resorts for tourist attractions. Probably the most popular is the Stakili Beach and Garden Resort located at Barangay Estaca. The resort sits beside the serene sea and has a sweeping view of towering palms and tropical greens. Visitors can take advantage of its accommodations with facilities and services suitable for both leisure and business needs. Stakili Beach and Garden Resort also offers facilities for recreational activities such as swimming pool with slide, kiddie pool, videoke, volleyball and basketball.

Aside from its beaches, another interesting destination in Compostela is a 200-hectare complex known as Q Park. The place boasts of its Stations of the Cross and a 37-feet statue of the Virgin Mary. It also has a Boy’s Camp, a Girl’s Camp, a Nativity Cave, a rest area, and a Heroes’ Hill. Still a work in progress, Q Park is open to the public for free. It is the intention of the owners to offer Q Park to the public as a place of pilgrimage and of fruitful reflection.

The Caballo Festival of Compostela is a street dancing competition that honors the town’s patron saint, Senor Santiago de Apostol. Originating from Compostela, Spain, religion plays an important role to its concept. History retells of a war between Christians and Muslims where the townsfolk saw and was saved by a miraculous apparition of a man riding a horse who later became known as the town’s patron saint. The festival is celebrated every 25th of November.




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