Dingalan - Aurora Destinations


It is a municipality in the province of Aurora, Philippines.
Dingalan is part of the municipalities that comprises Aurora. It is a fourth class municipality with over 21,000 people.

The rough shoreline and very high waves of Dingalan makes it attractive to surfers. It has a number of caves, such as the renowned, Lamao Cave.

Dingalan is the southernmost town of Aurora; it is separated from the rest of the province by the Sierra Madre mountains. Most of Dingalan's vacationers come from the nearby province, Nueva Ecija.

Agriculture and fishing are the means of livelihood in Dingalan. Various health services are also available like the community hospital, rural health unit and the barangay health center.

Nature lovers and adventurers will definitely enjoy Dingalan. The Dingalan Bay View Site, Lamao Caves and the Rocks of Dingalan are centainly for climbers. Besides being a scenic spot, the IFRC Nursery & Falls, offers two natural pools for swimming. White Beach is also an excellent spot for water sports like diving with its shore-length reef and various off-shore coral formations.