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It is a municipality in the province of Cebu.

Dumanjug is a 4th class municipality situated in the southwestern coast of Cebu and is about 74 kilometers from Cebu City. Legend states that a very brave, colorful chieftain attained fame because of his very loud and booming voice that can even reach some far-flung places surrounding the village. In memory of this local leader, village was called “Dumahunog,”which then eventually evolved to Dumanjug.


Dumanjug is one of the prime producers and transshipment points of livestock products in Southwestern Cebu since it is a gateway to and from the Southeastern part of Negros Oriental.

Dumanjug has three Catholic parishes: St. Vincent Ferrer in Bitoon, Christ the King in Bulak, and St. Francis of Assisi in Poblacion which is the town's main attraction.

The St. Francis of Assisi Church is probably the most handsome of the 19th century churches in western Cebu. Its construction started in 1854 and the structure was completed 10 years later. The basic materials used were sea corals stone, limestone and Balayong (native black wood) which were abundant in the area then. The belfry to one side of the church has a dodecagonal plan which is typical in most colonial churches. It is interesting to note that this is one of the few old church structures in Cebu,and probably in the whole Philippines, which was designed, executed, supervised and completed by Filipinos themselves.

Other attractions of the town are its century old houses located in its quiet countryside setting. The Town Plaza is also a good place to spend one's leisure time. It has a playground for children and small stores within the vicinity that sell affordable refreshments.

The uniqueness and originality of Sinanggiyaw Festival is a holiday to watch in Dumanjug. “Sinanggiyaw” came from the words “sinanggi” (harvest) and “sayaw” (dance). It is a unique parade of harvest with participants showing agricultural products such as rice, corn, coconut, camote and banana in their colorful costumes. This festival is celebrated during the month of October.





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