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Gandara is politically subdivided into 69 barangays.

Gandara is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Samar. Gandara's original name was Bangahon before the Spanish regime. In 1902, during the Spanish occupation on the island of Samar, it was created a pueblo and its capital transferred to what is presently the town proper. The name was changed from Bangahon to Gandara in honor of the Spanish Governor General Jose de la Gandara y Navarro.

The Ruins of Bangahon is a historical landmark near the right fork of Gandara River. It was once a town during the revolutionary period, but was abandoned by the old residents who later found the present town of Gandara.

Gandara is also known for its delicacy, the keseo or “kisiyo,” an indigenous cottage cheese made from carabao's milk. The keseo recipe is said to have been handed down by Spanish colonizers centuries ago. It is a favorite among Samarenos, and is so loved by balikbayans who are among the top customers of the cheese traders of Gandara. The townsfolk celebrate their Karabaw Festival every September 29.





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