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The name Liloan is derived from the local term lilo which translates to "whirlpool".

Liloan is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Cebu, situated about 18 kilometers north of Cebu City. The word Liloan, as the legend is told, comes from the word “lilo” – whirling waters that form when the sea approaches an abrupt depth at a point just after a bridge. The town of Liloan offers an excellent mix of Spanish heritage, outdoor adventure, and lovely beaches.

Long before other towns were discovered as tourist spots, Liloan was already known for its scenic pristine beaches and as a resort town. Along its coastline, there is spot called Silot, where bathers are cautioned not to swim to a certain point because of a whirlpool caused by the ebb and tide of the waters. Here in Silot Bay, docked by the bridge, are several old ships.

One of the best known landmarks in Liloan is its historic lighthouse at Bagacay Point. The century-old Bagacay Lighthouse in Barangay Catarman is located at the eastern coastline facing the Mactan Channel. The lighthouse has been a favorite subject of many painters and photographers because of its magnificent architectural design and the serenity that surrounds it. The tower is 72 feet tall and remains in active use today.

Standing on a cliff overlooking the Mactan channel is a watchtower known as Bantayan sa Hari which was built during the Spanish era. A most valuable link to Liloan’s history, this structure in Barangay Calero has been, interestingly, mistakenly identified as an old lighthouse. Made of local stone, the watchtower was essential in guarding the local communities during the old days.

Liloan's Church of Saint Ferdinand is one of the oldest buildings on Cebu, built centuries ago by the Spaniards to honor their king. One unusual detail about the church is that it faces the mountains to the West, whereas most churches face the sea to the East. Today it remains the site of Liloan's main festival, the Rosquillos Festival, which is celebrated every year in late May.

Titay’s Liloan Rosquillos was founded in 1907 and had withstood the taste of the times in baking prowess. It started with just the Rosquillos and tablea making, and later expanded to an array of homemade delicacies and a lot more mouth watering pastries. Titay’s Liloan Rosquillos has gained the prestige of being known for its select delicacies both domestically and internationally.


Liloan's location, just an hour north of Mactan-Cebu International Airport, ensures that the town gets plenty of domestic tourism. The flight from Manila is only an hour and there are several every day. Buses, private taxis and minivans make the run straight to Liloan from the airport several times each day.



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