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Limasawa is a small island located just off the coast of Southern Leyte.

Limasawa is a 6th class municipality and an island of the same name in the province of Southern Leyte, Philippines. It is a 6-km long small island of historic importance, famously referred to as the “site of the First mass in the Philippines.” On this island, Ferdinand Magellan first made extended contact with Filipino natives on March 28, 1521, after his Pacific crossing, in what was to be the first circumnavigation of the globe.

Situated off Padre Burgos, a municipality on the most southerly tip of Leyte, the place has become noted now for its pristine coral reefs and contains exotic marine life where some of the species can only be found on Philippine waters. It boasts of magnificent walls and sheer drop-offs decorated with a variety of lovely fan corals which never fail to awe even the most traveled and experienced diver. Divers often come across creatures such as mackerels, tuna, sharks and barracudas. There are plenty of dive sites situated at various parts of the island. At the western part diving spots named the Lima Messa, the Lion Head and Hank’s Bolders can be found. At the eastern shoreline there are also diving spots named Gunter’s Wall, Rio’s Point, Roy’s Umbrella and Dag’s Hole, while at the south is a spot called Bonny’s place. There are plenty of dive companies located on the island to arrange trips, which can last for anything from an hour to half a day or more.

For people who are not into diving, Limasawa is also a great place to go sunbathing and nature trekking. The powdery white sand beaches are a great place to soak up the sun, and there are a number of beach bars to sip cocktails at while the sun sets. Limasawa has its share of gin-clear water, isolated beaches, hidden coves, beautiful rock formations, white sandy beaches, springs, lush vegetation and wildlife. There are plenty of accommodations on Limasawa Island, ranging from wooden beach huts to stylish resorts. Many people end up spending several days on the island, even if they simply planned on visiting for the day.

Recommended jump-off point to Limasawa is Padre Burgos, about 25 kilometers from Maasin City, Southern Leyte's capital. Motorized boats and regular passenger pumpboats are available to ferry passengers to the island at minimal fare.




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