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Pototan is politically subdivided into 50 barangays.

Pototan is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Iloilo, located 29 kilometers north of Iloilo City, the province's capital. Being the Rice Granary of Panay, Pototan is the top rice producing town in the Province of Iloilo, with 85% of its total land area dedicated for agricultural purposes.

The town of Pototan has a number of tourist attractions. Its plaza, probably the grandest in the whole province, is lined with stately mahogany and Indian trees and contains an obelisk, a lagoon, a historical marker, a skating rink, and a coliseum known as the Pototan Astrodome. The Pototan Astrodome's features include a basketball court with first class facilities and can accommodate over 5000 spectators.

A popular tourist itinerary is an inland resort called Andrei’s Place in Barangay Dapitan. It is an ideal place for relaxation having a man-made lagoon and a blossoming garden, eight cute cottages, and a refreshing swimming pool.

Dubbed as the Christmas Capital of Western Visayas by the Department of Tourism, Pototan celebrates its annual Iwag Festival, a kaleidoscope of of dazzling lights and decorations with nightly cultural shows, food fair and the yearly tradition of lighting up homes with beautiful lights. “Iwag” is a Visayan word which means "light." The festival aims to help foster the sociocultural and economic development of Pototan, and has become a tradition Pototanons look forward to each year.




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