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San Fernando

It is a municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines.

San Fernando is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Cebu, situated in the southeastern coast and about 29 kilometers from Cebu City. The town was said to be named after the Rev. Father Fernando Sanchez, a well liked priest during the Spanish Era. San Fernando’s main industries are agriculture, livestock and mining. Its main attractions are the San Isidro Labrador Church and a resort named Pulchra.

San Fernando was established as an independent parish on June 19th, 1858. The gothic inspired church, designed by Domingo de Escondrillas, was constructed in 1858 but was only finished in 1886. The main entrance has recessed pointed arches with a large and elaborately carved wheel window resting above the main doorway. Flat pillars rise up to the pediment line and end up in pinnacles that divide the façade into three vertical sections. The upper level is integrated with the gable, and crowned at the apex by a cross. A small carving at the center represents the Augustinian emblem.

The Pulchra Resort is set in an eight-hectare property with lush tropical gardens, lagoons and beach frontage. It offers tourists tastefully designed suites, villas and guest rooms, which are well equipped with modern amenities. It also has four dining locations and provides recreational facilities for its guests. Some of the resort’s activities are island hopping, snorkeling, and diving.

The people of San Fernando celebrate the Sikoy Sikoy festival during the month of November. It is a festivity celebrating God’s gift of love to the people of San Fernando. Sikoy-Sikoy is an act of fishing, the leading means of livelihood for most residents of the town. From the word “panikoy,” Sikoy-Sikoy is a kind of fishing used during stormy weather. The festival is a thanksgiving ritual and a petition prayer for guidance, protection and blessings for a bountiful harvest from the farm and from the sea. It is also a celebration of the feast of San Isidro Labrador.




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