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Sibonga is a 3rd class municipality in Cebu Province.

Sibonga is a 3rd class municipality in the southeastern coast of the province of Cebu, about 50 kilometers from Cebu City. Sibonga got its name from “bonga,” the local name of betel nuts, whose trees were abundant in the area.

Just beside the provincial highway is Sibonga's Church of Nuestra Senora del Pilar de Zaragoza. Construction of the church began between 1846-1868 and was completed in 1881. The style of the church is Gothic. A high main entrance dominates the facade flanked with two massive bell towers.

Another religious landmark in Sibonga is the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist, which is frequently visited by Marian devotees. It is a very popular church among believers mainly because it is considered the home of the image of the miraculous Virgin. It is the place where the “Mga Monghe ni Maria” (Monks of Mary) live.

The Pastores de Sibonga is a short Christmas play which narrates the story of Christ's nativity as performed in Brgy. Magcagong, Sibonga. Performed by at least four dancers, its accompaniment music is a rondalla of stringed ensembles (guitar, banduria, and bajo). The lyrics tell of the pre-nativity and post-nativity settings. It expresses happiness, joy, and worship, and offers praises and gifts for Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

During the month of August, the people of Sibonga celebrate their Bonga Festival. The celebration is in honor of the town’s patrons, Our Lady of Pilar and Santa Filomena. Among its highlights is the street dancing and ritual competition. “Bunga” is a Cebuano word which means fruit. This festival is a form of thanksgiving for all the blessings and graces the Sibongahnhons have received for the abundant fruits found in their town.



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