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Tablas Island

Tablas Island is the largest of the three islands making up the province of Romblon.

Tablas Island is the largest of the three islands making up the province of Romblon. The two other islands are Sibuyan Island and Romblon. Tablas is deeply indented by Looc Bay, in the southern part of the island. Odiongan is the island's major port and largest population center. Tablas is administratively subdivided into the municipalities of Alcantara, Calatrava, Ferrol, Looc, Odiongan, San Agustin, San Andres, Santa Fe, and Santa Maria.

Tablas is relatively undeveloped with only light industry. The main livelihood of its residents are rice-farming and fishing. Tablas Island is also rich in mineral resources including marble, granite, clay, gravel and sand. Given the island's wealth of natural attractions, Tablas is fast becoming a popular tourist destination. Some of its spots include caves, lush forests, tropical beaches, hidden caves and deserted islets.

Tablas Island is home to the world famous Looc Fish Sanctuary. Located at the center of Looc Bay, the fish sanctuary hosts diverse species of tropical reef fishes, hard and soft corals, sea grass beds, marine turtles, octopuses, eels and seabirds. Close to their floating bamboo raft is over 500 pieces of multicolored giant clams which are naturally regenerating. Snorkeling, diving and fish feeding are also allowed with supervision, with the equipments provided by the management.

The Aglicay Beach Resort in Barangay Comod-om boasts of powdery white-sand beaches fringed with palm trees and clear blue waters that house colorful corals and tropical fishes. The resort offers amenities such as cottages, open huts, a conference hall, bar and grill, and recreational facilities for indoor and outdoor sports.


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Another attraction, the Mainit Falls is found in the highland of Barangay Pato-o. Although located on a private property, the owners of the land encourage visitors to enjoy the deep pools and discover the surrounding area of the falls.




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