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Talisay City

Talisay City is politically subdivided into 22 barangays.

Talisay City is a 3rd class city in the province of Cebu, adjacent to Cebu City about 12 kilometers to the south. Talisay was founded in 1648 as an estate owned by the Augustinians, but it was eventually converted into a municipality in 1849. Some accounts claim that Talisay got its name from the Magtalisay trees which are endemic in certain areas of the municipality, while others claim that Talisay got its name from a town in Spain.

Talisay is known for its “Inasal Baboy” (Roasted Pig). It celebrates its grand Inasal Festival every October 14-15 featuring Talisay's famous "inasal" or lechon, being the undisputed best - golden brown, crackling crispy skin, with tasty meat from secret stuffed herbs. The city brims with life and colors with its trade fairs, ebullient evening variety shows, civic parade and street dancing as a thanksgiving offering to the city's patroness, Sta. Teresa de Avila.

Also celebrated during the 15th of October is the Halad Festival. It is the traditional gesture of thanksgiving by the Talisaynons during the annual fiesta celebration. People from all walks of life flock to the city to dance, offer and join the merriment as one grateful community.

One of the main attractions in the city is Crocolandia in Biasong, about 30-45 minutes south of Cebu City. Situated beside the Mananga River in Talisay, it has for its main attraction a mini-zoo and a botanical garden. It is also equipped with picnic areas, restaurants, refreshment center, souvenir shops, butterfly sanctuary, boat and fishing area, and a library.

The Parish of Sta. Teresa de Avila in this city is one of the most unique Graeco-Roman churches in the entire Philippines. The first church was started in 1836 and finished in 1848. However a typhoon in 1877 destroyed the church roof, and a new structure was begun in 1880. Like most churches in this province, the structure is made of coral stones. Its main entrance and pediment are recessed, falling behind its flanking twin belfries, and its covered porch is supported by two columns. The church has a balustraded terrace that connects the two belfry towers.


Other notable spots in Talisay City are the Talisay Landing Site or the World War II Marker located at the back of the old city hall building; the Talisay Liberation Park; and the Mananga Watershed Dam and River.



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