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Toledo City

Toledo City is located on the western side of Cebu Province, facing Negros Oriental.

Toledo City, formerly known as Pueblo Hinulawan, is a 2nd class city in the province of Cebu. It is situated in the central western coast of Cebu and is about 50 kilometers from Cebu City.

Toledo City’s main industries are mining, trading, agriculture and fishing. Toledo City is home to the Philippines’ largest copper mine, owned by Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation. Concentrates from the mine are shipped from the port of Sangi near Toledo.

One of the city's attractions is the intriguing "Dakit" Tree which is considered as a natural heritage by the people of Toledo. Many mystical stories surround the this old tree since 1920. Until now, the tree proudly stands at Barangay Ilihan, still mystifying visitors and passersby.

For its natural attractions, Toledo City has the Hinulawan River, which inspired the Hinulawan Festival, the Manguyakuya Falls, Bulongan Caves, Pandong Bato, Malubog Lake, and the Atlas Mines View.

The Hinulawan Festival is celebrated every 12th day of June. It depicts the history of the city's past to the present era expressed through dancing and ritual. It is also an annual thanksgiving in honor of its patron saint, St. John of Sahagun. Hinulawan is a contraction of two Cebuano words, “hin” from “hinaguan” and “ulawan” from “bulawan.” The city's church, the St. John of Sahagun Parish, was established in 1863 under the decree of the Bishop of Cebu, Romualdo Gimeno, who is a Dominican Friar.



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