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Calvario Hills

Calvario Hills is located in Mauban, Quezon, Philippines.



Calvario Hills is located at the very heart of Mauban. At the hilltop where one can view the town of Mauban, stands the monument of Jose Rizal which was built by Mauban Circle as tribute to the national hero. During the Spanish era, the hilltop used to be a place for singing and holding of Holy Week activities and rites. When the American came to this town, the hilltop served as headquarters while the lower ground as kitchen. The strategic location of the place helped in detecting incoming enemies. Legend tells about the grief of a couple in this calvary place when a fairy took their only daughter. It was too late when the young lady came back because her parents have died. It also believed that treasures were buried in the place but no one has the pluck to unearth them because of the belief that fairies live all over the place.



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