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Capitancillo Isle

Capitancillo Isle is a historic coralline islet fringed with white sands, an ideal getaway for sea lovers. This islet has potentials for cultural eco-tourism zone development.


This 5-6 hectare low islet is at the center of a coral reef that extends 2-3 kilometers from north to south.


Capitancillo Island is home to a lighthouse that was rebuilt in the 1950's. The island takes its name from Captain Cillo, an American who ran his vessel aground on the island during the war.


The island itself has very little sand and virtually no vegetation with the exception of a lone tree. It is uninhibited, although local fishermen often use it as a base for drying fish and repairing their nets.


The true beauty of the island lies under the sea and subsequently offers 3 dive spots ans is excellent for snorkelling.



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