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Mount Hamiguitan Journey

April 08 - 12 | La Union, San Isidro, Davao Oriental


Mount Hamiguitan is home to an array of unique natural attractions. The mountain houses the 600-hectare Pygmy Forest, a forest of miniature trees that stand around 2 to 3 feet tall. Near the forest is the narrow but tall Twin Falls. In the mountain you will also find Tinagong Dagat (hidden sea), a mysterious lake said to have high and low tide schedules.


Because Mount Hamiguitan is a protected wildlife sanctuary, the local government has issued the following policies to be followed by trekkers.


Registration fee shall be paid at the Municipal Treasury Office before the climbers are allowed to trek Mt. Hamiguitan.



> Local Trekkers (from San Isidro)>>>>>>>>>>>> P 100.00
> Local Trekkers (outside San Isidro)>>>>>>>>>   300.00
> students (from San Isidro) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   50.00
> Students (outside San Isidro) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>   200.00
> Foreign Trekkers >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  500.00


Porter's Payment >>> P 250.00 per day for the local trekkers and P 500.00 for the foreigner


Exit Fee - There shall be collected an exit fee in the amount of P 100.00 from every individual trekker who may use other entry point to Mt. Hamiguitan, but who may exit through the San Isidro trail.



> Climbers or mountaineers shall be limited to 15 persons per trek excluding porter
> Ratio of 3-5 trekkers is to 1 porter



> Carry away with you your trash.
> Trekking trail and camping grounds should be kept clean and sanitary at all times.
> Do not leave marks on tree trunks; rocks; boulders or natural structures.
> Do not molest or harm the animals in the area and don't collect or destroy flora and fauna, etc.
> No use of firewoods for cooking or any other purposes. Climbers are required to bring camping stoves.



> No climber/trekker shall be allowed entry to Mt. Hamiguitan without undergoing first an orientation and accreditation with the Municipal Tourism Office.
> No trekking shall be allowed exceeding a maximum of three (3) days.
> No campfires or bonfires
> No illegal drugs
> No firecrackers
> No axes and bolos allowed
> No soap and shampoo
> No guide, no climb
> No camping paraphernalia, no climb
> No cutting of trees



> A person who violates any of the foregoing provisions shall be imposed with an administrative fine in the amount of FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (P500.00) but not exceeding TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED PESOS (P 2,500.00) at the discretion of the Municipal Mayor depending on the gravity of the offense committed and upon the recommendation of the Municipal Tourism Council. 




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