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Hailed as the Basket Capital of Bohol, Antequera lies in the western part of the island about 18.5 kilometers from Tagbilaran City, the capital of the province. The town is composed of 21 barangays interlaced with a network of rivers, brooks & creeks. The most prominent of which is the Abatan River which joins “Tubig Daku” brook and flows down to the sea passing rivers in the nearby towns. With a fairly good weather all the year round, the town is blessed with an unspoiled green countryside.

Basketry is one of the earliest industries to have been established in the town, which has gained worldwide recognition. Most of the residents of Antequera depend upon the basket weaving industry as their main source of income. Curious tourists drop by to see the wares, seek out weavers and then take pictures. These handicrafts are made out of whatever native material is on hand: from bamboo, rattan, wicker, nito, buri, sig-id and other vines.

Aside from Antequera’s baskets, the town boasts of several tourist spots. One major attraction, not only in the town but in the whole province of Bohol, is the Mag-aso Falls. With a height of 25 feet, the twin falls is picturesque against a backdrop of tall trees, wild plants including giant ferns, and deep ravines. Another attraction is the Inambacan Falls which is near the often featured Inambacan Cave. Other karst caves worthy of a visit are: the Buhong Tiawan Cave, the Hagakgak Cave and the Antequera Cave.




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Mag-aso Falls