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Argao is one of the most interesting places in Cebu because of the well-preserved Spanish flavor of the town. Its 200-year old church, the Saint Michael Archangel Church, is one of the towns beloved attractions.

The Municipality of Argao is located in the southeastern part of the Province of Cebu Philippines and is approximately 67 kilometers from Cebu City. The name Argao dates back to the Spanish period. Locals claim that their hometown got its name from a tree called sali-argaw, which grew abundantly in the coastal areas of the place during that time.


Argao is described as one of the most interesting places in the province for its public stone buildings roofed with tiles and for its ovens used for the baking of bricks and tiles. It is one of the few towns that still manages to keep alive the old Spanish flavor. This is evident not only from its old church, but also from its venerable houses made of tisa.

Among the places to see in Argao is the Mahayahay Beach and the municipality's church, the Saint Michael Archangel Church, which is over 200 years old. The church is a beautiful rococo-baroque with unusual ceilings of canvass painted all over with religious motifs. A good number of religious artifacts have remained in the church. There are more than 20 angels on its brass-studded portals, it being dedicated to St. Michael, the town's Patron Saint.

Another must-see in Argao is the Riverstone Castle, which was constructed using stones collected from a nearby river. The castle has a mini-zoo that features monkeys, snakes and other animals.

Argao is accessible by aircon and non-aircon buses that leave from the Cebu South Bus terminal. There are also mini-buses and vehicles-for-hire available within the terminal premises. Going around the town is also a breeze. Tricycles, trisikads (bicycles with sidecars), and motorcycles called habal-habal are all over the place. These vehicles take tourists and locals to different areas of town.



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