Banilad - Negros Oriental Destinations


Barangay Banilad is the biggest barangay with 362.71 hectares.

The place which now comprises the barrio of Banilad used to be wide passage of the strong floods during the early period of the Spanish times. After the strong floods all over the area the fences surrounding each scattered and left matting of such materials on the ground. During the development period of the place, the Spanish officials asked the Cabesa de Barangay what the name of the sitio was. After the usual flood the matting on the fences were seen in the place and the people called the destruction caused by the flood a “Banig-alad” which made the place known by such name later. However, the authorities must have modified the name to Banilad for convenience. The name although altered slightly refers to the original vernacular word Banig Alad. At present time the floods still occur over the area.



Dumaguete City Government