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Dumaguete City

The City of Dumaguete is a city in the Philippine province of Negros Oriental. It is the capital, principal seaport, and largest city of the province.

The City of Dumaguete is the capital, principal seaport, and largest city of the province of Negros Oriental. Dumaguete was coined from the local term daguit which means “to steal” or “to snatch” because it was said that Moro pirates came to the shores of Dumaguit and snatched away young ladies.

Dumaguete is known as “The City of Gentle People.” Filipinos are recognized for being warm and hospitable, but Dumagueteños possesses an extraordinary thoughtfulness and caring, therefore leaving an impression amongst visitors of being the gentlest and friendliest of all.

Dumaguete is also referred to as a University Town because of the presence of seven universities and colleges where students from surrounding provinces enroll for tertiary education. One of these universities is Silliman University, the country’s first Protestant University and the first and oldest American-based University in Asia.

The city attracts a considerable number of foreign tourists because of the numerous places to go to. The area has some of the best dive sites in the world namely Apo Island and Sumilon Island. Having one of most diverse marine ecosystem in the World, divers converge in Apo Island to see the beautiful corals and marine life in this Marine Preserve managed by Silliman University.

Dolphin and whale watching in nearby Bais Bay, spelunking in the Mabinay Cave System, hiking to the three lakes on top of Mt. Talinis are just some of the things one can do in Dumaguete.

Aside from its natural attractions, Dumaguete is also rich in historical landmarks and cultural festivities.

Built in the year 1811, the Dumaguete Belfry or Bell Tower was used by the early locals as a way of avoiding pirate attacks. This historical structure stands tall next to the St. Catherine of Alexandria Church. Through out the years, renovations have been made to restore the tower’s beauty while still retaining its antiquity, which continues to gain distinction. The St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral was built during the Spanish times the same year the Belfry was erected. It has an open exterior where everyone is welcome to enter, pray, or just view its tranquil interior design.

Dumaguete also has great holidays and feasts where people can relax, enjoy and most importantly taste the delicious food the city has to offer. The Sandurot Festival is a joyful celebration of the people of Dumaguete, their innate hospitality, friendliness, and their propensity to live harmoniously with people of different race, religion, and cultural beliefs.

Another big event is the annual Buglasan Celebration. In this celebration, each city, town and municipality from Negros Oriental comes together in Dumaguete City to display their local foods and talents. During the Buglasan, you will see many variety shows sponsored by the government, such as International student variety shows, band contests and singing contests.





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