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Boljoon is a municipality in Cebu Province.

Boljoon (also spelled Boljo-on) is a 5th class municipality situated in the southeastern coast of the province of Cebu and is about 103 kilometers from Cebu City. According to some folk tales, Boljoon derived its name from the town's peculiar topographical appearance. In Cebuano, the municipality is called “Bulho” which is a large land mass cavity surrounded by mountains, or a valley brought about by the sudden collapse of a mountain range.

Boljoon is one of the oldest towns in the southern part of the province. It is noted for its most quaint and picturesque terrain. Its narrow coastal plains are bordered by cliffs and luxuriant hills, which have a commanding view of Bohol Strait. Being a coastal town, Boljoon features several alluring beach lines, particularly notable of which are those fronting the resorts of Cebu Club Fortmed and of Granada Beach Resort and Spa. The town also has a rich cultural heritage with its well-preserved historical landmarks such as its old church, town plaza and church cemetery. Numerous antique houses can also be found all over town.


One of the oldest remaining original stone church in Cebu is the Boljoon Church. This Augustinian tile-roofed church, with the convent attached to it, was dedicated to Nuestra Senora Patrocinio de Maria. It became a full-fledged parish in 1690. The church, which was originally built as a fortress in the olden times, attracts sightseers, religious art connoisseurs, academics, and conservationists. The interior is beautifully decorated and the facade contains relief and carving depicting various biblical and church characters. In 1999, the National Historical Institute declared Boljoon's church a National Historical Landmark and the following year, the National Museum declared it as a National Cultural Treasure.


Situated right beside the church is Escuela Catolica. Built in 1940, it used to be a dormitory for children taking their first communion and who were required to stay at the Escuela the night before taking the Holy Communion. Here children were also taught how to read and write using the cartilla.


One of the most popular landmarks in Boljoon is the Ili Rock in Ilihan. It is a natural rock formation at the edge of the Poblacion built-up area. Ilihan is believed to be a natural fortress during the old days. One of three watchtowers in Boljoon is perched over Ili Rock overlooking the Bohol Sea. The remnants show a square plan and it is made of cut coral stones.

The most colorful and lovely occasion in Boljoon is the annual town fiesta in honor of Nuestra Señora Patrocinio de Maria. It is celebrated with great vigor and plenty of fireworks. The fiesta falls in every second Friday and Saturday of November each year.




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