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Catarman is a 5th class municipality in the island province of Camiguin. Catarman was the first major Spanish settlement on the island. It was established in 1679 on the northwestern coast as the settlement of Katadman or Katagman. However, it was destroyed during the Vulcan Daan eruption of May 1, 1871 and moved to the present site of Catarman.

The Municipality of Cataraman showcases quite a number of natural and historic tourist destinations from its white sand beaches, caves, falls, and springs, to the ruins of some of its old structures brought about by a past volcanic eruption.

Vulcan Daan, the old Camiguin volcano in Barangay Bonbon, is located 13 kilometers west of the town and drops into the sea. Scattered along the mountain trail are life-size, white-washed cement figures of the 14 Stations of the Cross depicting the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The last station is a sepulcher carved out of volcanic rock.

Built in 1623 as the parish of San Roque, the old Gui-ob Church (Cotta Bato) was destroyed in the Vulcan Daan eruption of May 1, 1871. Its ruins lie 16 kilometers from the town. This coral and stone-hewn church, half buried by lava flows, has thick century-old adobe walls, a bell tower, and a moss and vine-covered convent reminiscent of the Spanish era.

The Sunken Cemetery, located a few kilometers from Cotta Bato in Barangay Bonbon, has a huge cross installed in 1982 to mark the community cemetery which sank during the 1871 eruption. At some point in the past, gravestones were still visible during low tide but can no longer be seen nowadays. Every year, on May 1, a fluvial procession is held and islanders row out to offer flowers and floating candles to the dead. At 20 feet underwater, the Sunken Cemetery is now a popular diving site.

Four kilometers uphill north of the town proper in Barangay Mainit is the Sto. Niño Cold Spring. Also known as Kiyab Pool, it has an Olympic-size stone pool measuring 25 by 40 meters with a depth of one-half to 2 meters. The cold spring waters sprout from its sandy bottom.

The beautiful Tuasan Falls is located some 6 kilometers northwest of the town. It has a natural pool at its base and has a height of 25 meters. The trek to the waterfalls is fun and exciting. One will have go through a very scenic hike passing through Barangay Mainit before being refreshed under the thunderous falls.

Other notable sites in the town of Catarman are the Adlaon Falls, Kaniib Cave, Sour Spring, Timayog Spring, and the Bura Soda Swimming Pool.





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