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Lambunao is a 2nd class municipality located at the center of Panay and northwest part of Iloilo Province. Known as the Land of Waterfalls, Lambunao boasts of many beautiful waterfalls that can be found in Iloilo.

With an elevation of 30 feet, dropping 2,000 gallons of water per minute to a 500-square basin with a depth of 20-30 feet, Maasin Waterfalls is just one of the municipality's falls and is considered as the most famous in the province.

Another breathtaking waterfall, Mahangin is a about 140 feet in height and is 3,360 feet above sea level. It has a cold and windy atmosphere and is located at Sitio Budian, Cabatangan. Found in the lower cascade of Mahangin Falls is Dalhayan Falls. It has a small area for swimming and is sanctuary of freshwater crabs and shrimps.

Ideal for swimming and picnics, Inas Falls is located at the West Visayas State University College of Agriculture and Forestry, Barangay Jayubo. It has a height of 15 feet with a swimming area of 320 square meters. The water found in this particular falls is safe for drinking.

Nalisong Falls in Sitio Budian has a small area for swimming. Located at the rainforest where the site is quite dark and the water is very cold, the ambiance and experience is very tranquil and the place is described by some as seemingly enchanted.

To date, the municipality has a number of 22 documented pristine waterfalls.

Aside from its natural spectacles, the town of Lambunao also has a rich history and culture. The Parish of San Nicholas de Tolentino was built under the leadership of Fr. Jose Lobo in 1883. The exterior is made of stone and bricks and is designed in Tuscan order. The interior design is Doric. In the 1900, it is burnt down by the revolutionaries and only the bell tower remained standing. The facade has a flat outlook except for the roundness paired with ionic columns and fenestration.

The Binanog Festival is a vibrant and colorful dance indicating the richness of the culture of Lambunao. It’s a courtship dance depicting the movement of a bird called “Banog.” Binanog is celebrated every 2nd Sunday of January in honor of Sr. Sto. Niño. Binanog Festival is one of the major tourism attractions in the province. Celebrated annually, the week-long festivity starts with an Opening Salvo alongside the Agro-Industrial Fair and Food Festival. Other activities include a sports fest, Search for Lin-ay kang Binanog, Torch Parade, Laro ng Lahi and many others. The festival culminates with the tribe competition.

For those who want to experience a real getaway, far from the hustle and bustle of the city life, Lambunao is an ideal place. A one-hour jeepney ride away from the city, Lambunao offers a rich cultural heritage combined with the enthralling and exotic beauty of nature.





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