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Leganes is a 4th class municipality in the province of Iloilo. It is located 11 kilometers north of the capital, Iloilo City. Leganes was once known as "Valencia." The early founders of the municipality named the place “Valencia” in honor of its Patron Saint, San Vicente Ferrer of Valencia, a town in Spain. It was then renamed Leganes by Spanish authorities, after a city in Spain, to settle a dispute between two unrelated families sharing the same last name, both claiming that the municipality was named after their ancestors.

Leganes is a flatland, coastal community with an agricultural and aqua-cultural economy, now gearing for residential, commercial and industrial growth. The church in Leganes, dubbed as “the Mecca of Iloilo,” is perhaps the most visited site in the municipality. Declared as a diocesan shrine by Jaro Archbishop Angel Lagdameo, the Church of San Vincente Ferrer in the town of Leganes, attracts people from all over the country to come and pay homage to this regal symbol of Catholic faith.

The church facade is an elaborate example of the usual baroque church common in the Philippines and in other countries around Europe. Without the canopy, the facade would have shared a lot similarities with the Church of Saint Theresa in Lithuania. Though it was just recently rebuilt, the architects and engineers did choose the best details that could make an astonishing facade that depicts nothing else but elegance, faith and magnificence.

Biray Paraw,” the town's tourism event, attracts sailing enthusiasts not only here in Iloilo but also from different parts of the region. “Paraw” or a double-outrigger dugout, is a popular recreational vehicle present in almost all coastal towns throughout the Philippines. The activity is considered to be an important vehicle for the preservation of Leganes culture and traditions and the promotion of tourism to area. A fun way to relax and enjoy, tourists are assured of a great time cruising along the serene seascape of the town.




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