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Madridejos is a 4th class municipality in Cebu Province.

Madridejos is a 4th class municipality in the province of Cebu, and is one of the three municipalities that make up the island of Bantayan. The other 2 municipalities are Bantayan and Santa Fe.

“Lawis,” the vernacular term for “Peninsula,” was the old name of the place as Madridejos is located on the Northern side of Bantayan Island facing the Visayan Sea. The town was later renamed after Cebu Archbishop Pedro Benito Romero De Madridejos by Father Juan Alcoseba, a former curate of the place.

The Municipality of Madridejos can be reached by boat from Cebu City via Santa Fe. A 30-minute ride will take vacationers to the center of town where the church plaza displays the 12 Stations of the Cross. This design concept was inspired by the Vatican garden in Rome.

Further along the town's main road is its famous historical landmark, the Kota Fort (also known as Kota Park). Mostly made of coral stones, it was originally constructed to protect the locals from Muslim pirates who raided the island. Today, Kota Fort is a tourist attraction, both an open museum and a beach resort. The resort area has a clean beachfront with cottages, air-conditioned rooms and a canteen, perfect for picnics and overnight stay. Affordable and modest accommodations are available in Madridejos at the Green Breach Resort, Villa Anita Beach Resort, Christine Mae Pension House and Plaza Verde.

The town's feast day is celebrated annually on December 8. The Buwad Festival showcases the different types of dried fish in the municipality. "Buwad" or "uga" is the Cebuano term for dried fish.




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