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Mahinog is a 5th class municipality in the province of Camiguin. According to legend, the town grew luscious bananas of all kinds and that no other crops or fruit trees grow as the banana trees in the area. The natives would harvest banana fruits more than what they needed. Due to the unusual production and harvest of bananas, people started to call the place “Maginoog” or “Mahinog.”

The town of Mahinog is home to one of Camiguin's idyllic springs. Located in Barangay Tupsan Pequeno, the Macao Cold Spring is a favorite destination among tourists with its crystal blue waters offering a haven for relaxation among its bathers. Its natural stone pool is surrounded by huge century-old trees that keep the area cool and shady.

Three kilometers off the shore from Barangay Hubangon and Barangay San Roque is the 6-hectare, mushroom-like island of Magsaysay, also known as Mantigue Island. It has a 4-hectare evergreen forest fringed with a captivating white sand beach and crystal clear waters. The boat ride to Mantigue is quite exciting, as one has to contend with strong diverging currents due to the open sea. One side of the island is ideal for swimming and has a fishing village and a seaweed culture farm. The opposite side is a deep drop-off ideal for snorkeling and diving.

Barangay San Roque's Burias Shoal, a few meters off Magsaysay Island, is an underwater spectacle also ideal for swimming, snorkeling and high adventure scuba diving. The shoal boasts of a lush black coral covered bottom where one can find schools of jacks, tuna, surgeons, mackerel and barracudas.

Aside from its natural attractions, Mahinog offers an equally fascinating man-made wonder, the Tanguines Lagoon. Located in Barangay Benoni, near the Benoni wharf, Tanguines is a beautiful artificial lake with mantles of limpid water, craggy cliffs, huge boulders and gently rolling hills. Around it are fish pens where different kinds of freshwater fish and crabs are bred.






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