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Tabuelan is politically subdivided into 12 barangays.

Tabuelan is a 5th class municipality in the province of Cebu. It is situated in the northwestern part of the island of Cebu and is about 86 km from Cebu City via Lugo in Sogod. The name Tabuelan is said to have been evolved from the original Visayan word "Tabugokan" which means a place where "tabugok" (a variety of octopus) are found.

The municipality of Tabuelan is home to a number of natural spots such as beaches, rivers, caves and springs.

Found in Barangay Kanluhangon is Himaroto Cave, so-called because it is shaped like a “baroto” or boat. This cave is said to be 300 meters deep and is inhabited by bats. Locals as well as foreigners have gone to this cave as it is quite an interesting destination. Rich deposits of guano fertilizers and phosphate can also be found here.

Another cave with an interesting name is Liki or Kugtongan Cave. Called “liki” by locals, a “liki” or crack can be found upon entry to this cave. This cave is also known as Kugtongan because a big fish known as “Kugtong” is said to be living inside the cave. Located at Barangay Poblacion, Kugtongan Cave has a spacious interior, but it can only be entered during low tides.

The Sayaw Cave in Barangay Kanluhangon is inhabited by bats. Lots of interesting rock formations and shiny rocks can also be found inside this cave. Other caves found in Tabuelan are Tangub, Primo Garcia, Kabagtongan, Dalid Caves, Badia, Kanlungkab Caves, Guimbang, Kantukayan, and Timbaon Cave.

Tabuelan's white-sand beaches are also ideal destinations for tourists who prefer the coastal environment. Durhan White Beach Resort is a paradise sanctuary located in Tabunok, It offers cottages made from bamboo with roofs made of nipa, functioning to preserve the coolness of air coming from the coconut trees. Also in Tabunok, adjacent to Durhan White Beach Resort, is the La Familia Beach Resort. Another white-sand beach resort, it is a nice, quiet place which offers air-conditioned rooms and a restaurant for dining. Other resorts that can be visited in Tabuelan are the Guilly Rose Beach Resort and Maravilla Beach Resort, both located at Barangay Maravilla, and the Kambagungon or New Tabuelan Beach Resort located in Barangay Poblacion.

The Ani-Anihan sa Tabuelan Festival is observed during the 24th of June, also in celebration of the feast of Saint John the Baptist, Tabuelan's patron saint. Several events take place during this fiesta, including agricultural and trade fairs, a beauty pageant, and a street dancing parade showcasing the planting and harvest phases of provincial life.



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