Tayabas - Quezon Destinations


Tayabas is a city located in the province of Quezon.

According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 87,252 people. Tayabas is known for lambanog (coconut wine) and sweet food/delicacies, as well as resorts.


In 1578, Fray Juan de Plasencia and Fray Diego de Oropesa, two Franciscan missionaries from Spain founded the town of Tayabas in order to spread Christianity to its natives. Prior to the occupation, however, the native Tayabenses lived in rural settings typical to those times, with barangays headed by village chiefs and councils of elders. 

From 1779 to 1910, the Municipality of Tayabas was the capital of Tayabas Province, now known as Quezon.