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Tuburan is a municipality in Cebu Province. Its name originated from the Cebuano word tubod, meaning "spring".

Tuburan is a 2nd class municipality is located in the northern part of Cebu Province and is approximately 96.7 kilometers from Cebu City. Tuburan got its name from the prevalence of springs, which are the sources of potable water for household use of the early settlers. "Tuburan," evolved from the Cebuano- Visayan dialect "Tubod" meaning spring. Tuburan was founded in 1851 by Don Mariano Montebon who hailed from the Municipality of Sogod, Cebu. It was first located at Daan Lungsod that is just across from Adela River north of current Poblacion.

One of Tuburan's main attractions is its Molobolo Spring, a spring resort that is perfect for those who want to dip in fresh water. Also, nearby the spring is a beach with brackish water wherein one can have total enjoyment under the sun. In addition, the cool shade from giant trees makes Molobolo Spring more enticing to local and foreign visitors.

Another popular destination, the Mantawihan Spring, offers a perfect getaway to bathers who want to find a wonderful escape from hustle and bustle of city living. The cool and lucid water coming from the spring gives a soothing and relaxing feeling to the body.



The Little Baguio and Friendship Beaches also offer tourists another taste of the bright, vibrant beaches of Cebu. A serene ambiance with a magnificent view and breezy atmosphere best describes these scenic spots in Tuburan.

Tuburan Church, one of the most beautiful churches in the south province of Cebu, is another tourist attraction. Built in 1857, its facade echoes elegance and opulence.

Visitors could also discover the hidden treasures of Marmol Cave as it boasts of awe-inspiring scenery that will totally amaze the adventurer and child in everyone.


An annual festival in Tuburan, the Tubod Festival, is celebrated in reverence to the feast of their patron saint San Antonio de Padua. The concept of the festival revolves around two aspects: the town’s origin and historical accounts and the religious beliefs and traditions of the Tuburanhons that well describe the Tuburan spirit. The festival is observed every month of June.



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