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The Pahiyas Festival

May 15 | Lucban, Quezon, Philippines.
The fiesta color of summer comes alive again as Lucban celebrates the SAN ISIDRO PAHIYAS FESTIVAL - referred to by many as a fiesta to end all fiestas.
Pahiyas means to decorate the hall with Kiping and other agricultural harvest. The most traditional and colorful, the Kiping is made from ground rice flour, shaped using "cabal" leaves or other leaf forms and colored in radiant red, fuschia, yellow, green and other bright shades. The Kiping is then made into different shapes---formed into chandeliers called Anok or huge flowers.
But the real essence of Pahiyas Festival is the thanksgiving to San Isidro, the patron saint of farmers. Thus, all families, especially that of farmers, would adorn their houses with Kiping and other farm and poultry produce. This is their way of thanking the saint for a bountiful harvest. Also, to make the event more festive, evey family is given incentives for their effort. Houses will be judged and prizes will be given to the winners. That is why, they outdo each other every year.
Because of this display of colors and local theme, every year, thousands of tourist and holiday makers flock to this historic town, and the festival has become one of the country's tourist attractions prompting the Department of Tourism to list down Lucban as a tourist town and a cultural heritage site.