Attractions - Local Philippines


Aguinaldo Shrine is located in Palanan, Isabela, Philippines. The historical place where Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo was captured by the American forces, thus ending the Philippine Revolution in 1901. It is accessible by aircraft, pumpboat and trekking thru Sta. Ana, Cagayan, San Mariano/Cauayan and Ilagan, Isabela respectively.

Kabankalan City
Agustina Falls in Barangay Oringao cascade into a natural pool formed by the yearly inundation. Agustina's story tells of a mythical lady who was enchanted by the black bird and in whose name the pool was attributed. Source:City of Kanbankalan Official Website  

Clark Field
Air Force City Park is located in Clark Field, Pampanga, Philippines.  Air Force City Park is a unique recreational facility for kids young and old. If you have ever desired to be a air force fighter pilot, this is your opportunity. Bring the kids and climb aboard fighter jets, helicopters and anti-aircraft gunnery. Turn the propeller of a real WW-II fighter; the engine is still in place…you can actually feel the compression as you move the prop. Where else can you fulfill your Top Gun fantasies? When you are done with your tour of real war-time aircraft, the kids can play on a multitude of playground equipment while you relax at the small snack bar or read a book available at the library in the back of the concessions area. This place is guaranteed to satisfy the entire family.

Ilonggo hospitality is not complete without the food. The Ilonggos fascination with good food is so great that eating has become a hobby. Both local and international cuisine thrive in Iloilo, Italian cuisine being the most popular among the rest. When in Iloilo, have your share of Italy in Al Dente Ristorante Italiano. Al Dente offers classic Italian fares with a twist. Famous is the restaurant's biscuit-like pizza crust which blends very well with the right choice of toppings. How to Get To Al Dente Ristorante ItalianoAl dente is located at Sarabia Manor Hotel along Gen. Luna Street. More about Al Dente Ristorante Italiano. 

The Alab Petroglyph is located in Bontoc, Banaue Philippines. One of the interesting places to visit in Banaue is the Alab Petroglyph. This huge rock formation that was inscribed with bows and arrows are believed to have contained the ancient fertility rites of the natives. Source:

The 192 km2( 74 mi2) island is situated just off the East coast of Southern Luzon Philippines. Between Lopez Bay in the East and Calauag Bay in the West. The exact GPS coordinates are 140 16’ N and 1220 03’ E. Alabat Island is composed of 3 small towns. Perez in the Northern tip, Alabat town proper in the center and Quezon in the South. The island boasts of warm waters, scenic beauty, flora and fauna, clean environment, beaches, mountain ranges for hiking and camping and of course the warm treatement of the Alabateños.

Alad is located off the coast of Romblon town.  Alad has several stretches of beach on its southeastern portion. Generally of white sand and crushed corals, the shorefronts are wide and the waters are warm. It's a place of tranquility and away from the modern world. There are no vacation rentals yet in Alad. Pump boats plying the Alad-Romblon-Alad route on a twice weekly basis bring tourists to Alad. If tourists miss these bancas, there are fishermen who go to Romblon daily to bring their catch to the market. These bancas can accommodate passengers for a fee. Source:Romblon Travel Guide

Alaminos City
Alama Cave is located in Alaminos City, Pangasinan, Philippines.  Cave still intact, consists of stalactites, stalagmites, columns and draperies. It is rich in guano or bat manure.

Alaminos City
Alaminos Coral Reefs is located in Alaminos City, Pangasinan, Philippines.  The Hundred Islands National Park is also a home to the fragile and diverse jewels of Coral Reefs. These corals also protect the 123 islets coast from the impact of waves. Divers and snorkelers can surely enjoy this adventure. However due to dynamite and cyanide fishing some of the coral reefs have started to deplete and become endangered, but with the concerted effort of the localities rehabilitation and restoration has been done by planting artificial reefs in some parts of the park. Just like the natural reefs, they will serve as vital breeding grounds for the sea creatures, so they could again flourish and replenish the Park’s resources. The City is committed in securing the protection of these new treasures.

Davao City
Aldevinco is a good place to buy souvenirs. The shopping center sells Mindanao native products like mats, brooms, table cloths, and other ornaments. There are also products imported from Malaysia and Indonesia. Most merchants speak Tagalog and Bisaya, although they can easily understand English. Prices are negotiable especially when buying products in bulk. First buyers of the day are also privileged to discounted prices. HOW TO GET THERE Aldevinco is located at the Claro M. Recto - Roxas junction and is accessible from almost any point in the city. It is fronted by Ateneo De Davo University and Marco Polo Hotel.