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Asturias is a municipality located on the northwestern coast of Cebu Province.

Asturias is a 1st Class municipality in the northwestern coast of Cebu, bounded by the Municipality of Tuburan in the north; the Municipality of Balamban in the south, Danao City in the east and by Tañon Strait in the west.

The original name of Asturias is “Naghalin,” from the word “lalin,” a native term for settlers coming from far places. The first occupants of Asturias came from other municipalities and neighboring islands such as Bohol. At first, a portion of Naghalin was part of the town of Tuburan and the other was a part of the town of Balamban. Over time, the occupants of Naghalin increased due to both settlers and population growth. Eventually the folks petitioned the then colonial master, Spain, to grant them their own local government. This petition was granted in the late 1700s by the King of Spain, thereby creating the Town of Asturias.

The town's main attraction is Lake Buswang. It is called Buswang, because the water in the lake bounced out from the mountainside. The lake covers an area of around 20 hectares and is said to be the biggest lake in Cebu. Another notable spot in Asturias is the San Roque Hot Spring and Caves located in Barangay San Roque.



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