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Danao, Bohol is an interior town, ninety two kilometers from the capital of the province which is Tagbilaran City. It has several attractions; some natural and some developed by the local inhabitants to attract tourists. Some of these attractions include the Wahig River, mountain ranges, falls, caves and a Recreational Park which offers activities such as zip lining, rappelling, kayak/rubber rafting, river trekking, bouldering, rock climbing, wall climbing and caving/spelunking.

Ninety two kilometers from the capital of the province, Danao is considered to be a 5th class municipality endowed with several natural attractions, and some developed by the local inhabitants to attract visitors. The local government unit of Danao has envisioned their place as a tourist destination. It has the grandeur of the mountain ranges, the Wahig River, and there are plenty of caves, the most famous of which is the Francisco Dagohoy Cave which served as the headquarters of Francisco Dagohoy and his men. Francisco Dagohoy led the Boholanos on a revolt against Spain. Spanning 85 years, it was the longest revolt in Philippine history.


The Kamira Cave is 477 meters long and takes about 45 minutes to an hour to explore. It is home to bats and freshwater crabs. There is an abundance of stalagmites and stalactites inside the cave which is breathtaking to behold in its perfection. Icy cold water flows through the caves.


An Adventure Park has been developed at barangay Magtangtang where various “extreme” activities are being offered for the high-spirited such as: “zipline”, Tyrolean traverse, rappelling, bouldering, caving or spelunking, and kayaking. Milder activities for the fainthearted are: trekking, mountain biking, swimming, fishing and more. Danao calls these the Eco-Educational-Extreme Adventure Tour (E.A.T Danao) which are now creating ripples throughout the country and gaining its share of the tourist pie.


These are far beyond the usual tour options of the Chocolate Hills, the Loboc River Cruise, the dolphin/whale watching and the white beach hopping, yet guaranteed to give you the best satisfaction and fondest memories ever. The town has put up a Tourist Accommodation Center for those who plan to stay overnight.




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