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Loay is a 5th class municipality in the province of Bohol, Philippines. It lies along the southwestern coast of Bohol at the mouth of the Loboc River.

Loay is a coastal town located at the mouth of the Loboc River, about 18.3 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. It lies along the southwestern coast of Bohol.

The Municipality of Loay has various attractions aside from the beaches, the sea, the natural contours of the coastline, rolling hills, and mountains.

One prominent feature of the town is the Loay Plaza. The plaza depicts a Spanish colonial plaza in its simplicity with only a wide open stretch of grassy space devoid of any landscaping and decorative elements. Flanking the plaza are two coral stone buildings: a one-story and a two-story building, both plainly designed and classical to look at.

The one-story building is being used by a public school while the two-story building, with the emblem of the Virgin Mary and directly opposite that of the one-story building, is being converted into an archdiocesan archive for church documents from the Spanish period coming from 38 parishes comprising the diocese.

The Loay Church and its convent are located on a plateau overlooking the sea. Stone steps lead to the church which connects it to the rest of the town located below the hill. The church can be accessed by motor vehicles via the road to Loboc.


Aside from the Loay Church, the town’s other tourist attractions are the Clarin Ancestral House, Clarin Beach Resort, the Himontagon Hills, Punta Baluerte, and Rio Vista Heights including the Spanish watchtower at Villalimpia in the lower part of the town.





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