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Talakudong Festival

September 18 | Tacurong CitySultan Kudarat


The Talakudong Festival is a cultural show done through street dancing. "Talakudong" is a Maguindanaon term for the Philippine traditional hat, otherwise called "salakot" by other ethnicities in the country. Participants during the festival perform different renditions of the Salakot Dance while dressed in colorful native costumes. The dances are accompanied by tribal percussions. 


How to get to Talakudong Festival

Tacurong can be reached via Cotabato City. Cotabato is accessible from Cebu or Manila by plane. Upon arriving in Cotabato, land transportation to Tacurong is readily available. If starting within the Mindanao area, there are buses and vans that travel directly to Tacurong.